Bringing Important Food Education into Homes through "Family Meal"


Pilot Light's Mission

Pilot Light's mission is to provide all children with food education, giving them the tools they need to make healthy, informed choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. Founded by chefs and their communities, Pilot Light’s robust, engaging food-based lessons are developed by teachers to be integrated into core content areas, like math and science, and aligned to academic standards. 


Responding to COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools nationwide have shut down, leaving young people, parents, and educators looking for resources to support this transition to distance learning. During this unprecedented time, Pilot Light has worked quickly to create a rich library of family resources that uses food education to create opportunities for learning and deeper engagement at home.  


What is Family Meal?

During this time, food education is more important than ever. In response, we launched Family Meal on our digital Food Education Center, which includes family lessons and recipes--in English and Spanish--and a series of educational cooking videos designed for families to watch together to connect and learn together through food.  The videos provide a time of learning and deeper connection between us, through the act of sharing food.


To support the restaurant community, we have invited food professionals whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19 to develop Family Meal videos and recipes to share their love for and knowledge of food with families across the nation during this time.  In exchange, our team provides them with a stipend and support with developing the family-friendly video and recipe.  


Through Family Meal, youth learn how food connects us and why it is important to make healthy, informed food choices.


We Need Your Help!

During this time, food education is more important than ever.  There is something you can do now to help. Your gift today will help us respond to the needs of students, families, and communities during this difficult time by supporting Family Meal and all of our Pilot Light's food education efforts.